PumpDownload - Diabetes Software for the Masses

PumpDownload is a diabetes monitoring software designed to be free, and to produce good records. The main goal, is not to provide a port of closed source software, but to provide a program that out-performs the closed source software. Most closed sourced software is proprietary, and only works with X insulin pump or Y testor. PumpDownload will work with as many meters and pumps as possible. If for some reason you can't or don't want to download your meter or pump, PumpDownload has an easy to use interface that allows you to enter your readings manually and systematically. If you'd like to try it, please go to the Downloads page now.

NOTE: PumpDownload is in the middle of a major re-write, so the code in the Download page is really old. If you want a preview of the awesome record-management system that is PumpDownload knowing that it will be even more awesome and more functional in the next release? Then go ahead and give it a shot. Want an update? Here is a list of features that I have gotten working currently:

PumpDownload is still very much in active development, in all senses of the phrase. I have not, and will not release PumpDownload until I'm an sure that 90% of the features work out of the box on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Unlike other projects, peoples' lifestyles depend of their ability to manage their diabetes information, and I will not jeapordize their health by releaseing the software early. That being said, I will try to have something released in a few months at the most. Please hang in there.

(Another thing you can expect is a less ugly website. This one was made in sort of a hurry.)